VEX Alternatives...

I was interested in buying a VEX kit, but lack the money to do so anytime soon. I was wondering if anyone had any alternative suggestions. I am ok with buying structural stuff from one place, motors from another, and so on. Also, anyone who has the VEX kit, how do the motors attach to the drive shaft? Gears, belts, chain, directly? Part of the reason I wanted this was because my little brother (12) wants to fiddle with robotics stuff. He doesn’t like the Lego stuff that much, so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


The only other alternative that is cheaper would be the Boe-Bot from Parallax. I think they sell that at Radio Shack too. But it is mostly a programing project as there is really only one way to build it.

Vex is the cheapest robot kit around. I believe that around here even Boe-Bot is more expensive. Plus, Vex probaly has the highest quality parts.

Keep in mind, the $300 starter kit comes with around 500 pieces and a $120 remote controller. The metal parts wont fatigue apart easily, and dont have any shart or dangerous edges, making them safe for those even younger than 12. I dont know of any good alternatives aside of LEGO.
Also, currently the motors attach directly, but a chain and sproket set will become available later, as well as a tank tread set that you might be able to adapt to become a belt.