Vex Arm Bot Plans???

My FIRST team wants to work with vex robotics and recently we have received our first Vex clawbot kit.

After searching YouTube for ideas we saw the Vex ARM Bot and were inspired. We would like to build this bot and use it for all type of advertising for our robotics team. Does anyone out there know if there are any plans to built this exact bot?

Yes, I know it is against the Design/Engineering idea, but we would really like to build that exact bot and are running out of time. If anyone out there would give us a link or any other idea as to where get these plans it would be greatly apprciated. (if they exist). Or… Are there any other interesting vex robot plans out there using the VEX robotics system other than off the VEX website.
As always thanks for being such a wonderful resource.

Team #4166

Are you talking about this

complete kit from VEX?

Posting a link to what you are after will help.

I think this is his goal.