VEX Battery Pack Runtime?

Does anybody know how long the batteries that Radio Shack sells for the VEX last? If you charge them both up, and start using the VEX, how long will they go for?

Oh, and btw, does anybody know if the new parts are out yet? August is here. :smiley:

It depends on how many motors you use how much (basically, how much current you draw). I’m not a Vex person, so I don’t know exactly but according to the IFI specs, a battery pack is 700mAh and one motor draws 1.3A max so just divide .7 by (1.3 time the number of motors you use) and you’ll get an approximate number of hours. Note that assumes constant max use so the actual time will probably be longer.

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August has come, and so have the omni-wheels:

If you’re talking about the 7.2V2000mAH (for the robot) and the 9.6V1000mAH (for transmitter), typically you should be able to get at least an hour, and possibly quite a bit more of runtime, depending on your robot and how you run it. Last night some of the team ran a “robo-pool” game booth open for public tryout at the local ‘National Night Out’ celebration. Using the same robot they ran at IRI ‘Enter-Action’ (squarebot based plus a manipulator) they ran pretty much continuously for over two hours without a battery change; I wouldn’t have expected that. :cool:

Two hours would be awesome. The other day I saw some flying toy device, that had a runtime of four minutes! Yikes!