VEX Bluetooth

this is a question for the advanced programers…
is there any way to read data from a bluetooth device (ie. wii remote) and set the values as variables in a vex code?
what i want to do is build a robotic arm with the vex that is capable of moving on 3axies, and includes a claw:

Twist claw= twist wii remote
Tilt arm = tilt wii remote
spin base = + and - buttons
claw grab = A+B
claw release = down+B

could someone please help me with this code?
help is greatly appreciated, i already have a bluetooth radio and am able to connect the wii remote to the computer.

what i was thinking that is going to end up happening, is writing a program in java that reads the remote, and then interacts with the online interface in easyc.


Here is one method: