Vex bot programming Q's

Alright, I’m just the team photographer I don’t do too much technical stuff, but I really want to build a robot. So I was thinking about getting myself a VEX Starter kit, I could work on it over the summer. I’m pretty sure I can build it, but I don’t know the first thing about programming. So I have a couple of questions for anyone who has built a Vex bot before I start saving up for this thing. Does it involve a lot of programming? If so how would I learn how to program it? I don’t want to spend $300 to find I can’t do anything with it.

Out of the box right now, you can’t even program it. It’s pretty capable with the default code and setting jumpers and changing settings on the controller. You’ll have to wait a few months before the programming unit is available to purchase.

The kit today does not require programming by the user. Actually, it doesn’t even support programming by the user yet. It has the equivalent of “default code” loaded, with specific outputs responding to specific joystick and button inputs. The programming tools are to be available “sometime this summer” according to the people who were demonstrating it at Championship.

just a follow up…no right now you can not program the unit but when the programing module comes out you will be able to program it in c or use a custom vex GUI which will make programing simple just like the Lego mind storms. so don;t be afraid of the programing side of things because right now you don;t need it and when it does come out it is made so people with no programing knowledge (like you and me) can still do cool stuff

I would buy a robovation controller ($249 new, you can probably get one used)

Imagine the FRC controller, smaller. They’re really easy to get started with and can do all tons of advanced stuff too.

The vex kit is a far better deal - $300 for the same thing minus rs232 port and solenoid outs, and includes all the robovation metal, better wheels, a reciever and transmitter. (Which would cost you nearly $600 for the robovation kit).

yeah Baldwin I have the programming kit myself and its really good from my perspective. If you get it you need to get the programming kit as well cause the programming kit will be C based from what I read on this one website ( and also if your new to programming the programming kit is really good at teaching beginners about programming so i really hope you get the Vex Starter Kit over any other robot.