VEX Classroom Competition

It is with great pride I write here about the VEX Classroom Competition offerings recently added to the VEX product line.

Main Classroom Competition Page:

Associated Kit Offerings:

And, finally, a single purchase solution for STEM robotics competition in the classroom (available soon!):

Contents of associated Teacher’s Handbook (available soon!) are worth a look too:

I’ve had the pleasure of having some incredible moments as part of the robotics competition/education community. Having played a small role in the development of this package is by far my best moment.

This package is the robotics competition/education solution for the novice teacher/school. It’s flexible to grow/adapt to any curricular/co-curricular situation. It’s incredibly affordable. It’s a tremendous gateway for TSA Chapters competing with VEX, budding VRC teams, even supplementing or as a precursor to FRC, and will fit with any of the current VEX curriculum options or can stand alone as a robotics competition class matched to national education standards.

An 8 ft square filed that goes together without tools where you can play the “Swept Away” game or simply remove the center wall and plop in your own game using the perimeter.

Kit options that are robust, yet fit varied budgets.

There’s a ton going on in STEM and robotics education right now and maybe I’m a little biased, but I see this set of offerings as being a huge part of the revolution.

If you’re looking to get a school or community organization involved with robotics education and competition for the first time, I invite you to point them in this direction.

Thank you IFI for allowing me to be a part of something so special.