I am using VEX to teach some Robotics classes at our high school for various grades ranging from 9-12th grade. (We also have FTC and FRC)

I am the head teacher and we are in great need of up to 10 VEX Color Cameras. I have used these in the past for a “Search and Rescue” design challenge and now VEX has discontinued them :ahh:

Would anyone out there have a few VEX color cameras for sale? New or Used they just need to work. We would be willing to pay shipping etc.

Please let me know and thanks for your time and consideration!


Are these the same cameras used in the VEXplorer kits (2.4GHZ, 4-channel? comm link)?

yes I believe these are the same cameras. Vex says they are discontinued. We are getting desperate. If anyone knows where to buy these or if anyone has these for sale new or used we would be interested.

Thanks for your time and help

I might be able to find one. Do you need only the camera (with built-in transmitter), or the receiver too?

Have you searched eBay?

Thanks for your message. No have haven’t checked ebay, but duh. I should have. I need the camera with the built in transmitter and the receiver and will pay for shipping.

Let me know what you think or send to my email. PMs for me haven’t been working.

Thanks again

No GO on ebay or amazon. Please help

There is nothing special about the vex camera. It is just a wireless color camera, which is a commodity item at this point.

Something like this would work out just fine.

This is going to sound stupid, but have you looked at alternatives? In a world where you can buy an Android phone for under $20 there may be other ways to suit. (I got a few of that phone when it was $15. I got a video stream running a few times on Hangouts just to say I could, though it wasn’t perfectly dialed in–very dark image. There may be other software out there that’s better for the purpose.)