VEX Competitions details

Hi everyone,

I know this is a forum about FIRST robotics mainly, but does anyone know the details of the Vex competitions? (we can’t ask on the VEX forum unless we pay, and by then we would have to register). It says it is 100 dollars to register, and another 150 dollars to compete. Does that include parts, or would we have to buy them from another place. If so, what would you say is the best place to buy the parts? Any information on the VEX competition is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

The 100 dollar registration gives you your team number, colored flags, and game pieces, but no robot parts. The price for events depends on the event. VEX is really the only place to buy parts because you’re required to use their parts or exact replicas. There’s no kit of parts like there is in FIRST. And also you don’t need to pay to post on VEX forum as far I’m aware. If you want more detailed answers I’d be happy to answer more.

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