VEX Competitive Concept: Ringer

It’s no Barker Reveal, but we still felt like it was worth sharing!

Introducing the VEX Competitive Concept robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge. This is a 100% legal robot for FTC, built entirely out of VEX V5 and VEXpro parts (sans the control system).

Meet Ringer.

More info and documentation can be found here.


Thanks for the shoutout! Love the robot concept and VEX’s focus on helping teams to get a competitive robot on the field and learn quickly.

While the Barker Greybacks have taken a lot of the limelight this time around, it’s worth pointing out that our teams love the flexibility and simplicity that the VEX range provides… this year, high strength chain was a favourite for intake and ring transport mechanisms. Here’s a photo where we just happened to have a match with four Barker teams:

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