Vex customer service=awesome

A few days ago our team experienced a problem with a vex versa planetary. This being our first time using the versa’s I posted here on Delphi looking for a bit of help in what to be on the lookout for. I also sent an email to vex inquiring when the 3:1’s were coming back in stock so I could order a replacement.

Well Lance from vex found one, and sent it to us without as so much as a question. That folks is what customer service is !!!

I just wanted to put it out there and say thank you to Vex in general, and to Lance in particular. Thanks again for your help, and continued support of first teams!!
Also a thank you to Aren for taking the time to offer help!

Seconded! Last week I placed an order one evening, and noticed the next morning that the order was in error (wanted hex hub sprockets, but I ordered keyed hub sprockets). One e-mail to sales, and I got the stuff I wanted and needed instead of the stuff I ordered.