Vex Hanging Mechanism

Good Afternoon World,
I am looking in to a sort of bicep curl hanging mechanism. This mechanism involves gripping the side of the ladder, and rotating the robot up in to a low hang position. Does anyone have a good idea for something to grab on to the arm.

Check out this video for some inspiration (towards the end of the video).

Irony. What a fun concept.

If you’re approaching it from the front or back, you could try extending an arm that wedges itself between two of the PVC pipes. As you lift, force exerted on both pipes holds you up. (Especially if you put a hook on the end for the top pipe)

Yeah sorry if I wasnt clear. I am trying to build a VEX hanging mechanism for the competion: Round Up

And the first answer was a great one! The only difference is that the VEX ladder has slanted rails, grab one of them and up and hang. Or reach up and grab the green rail and lever up.

One problem is getting hung up on the lower rail. Last weekend we saw the team from Christopher Dock solve that by climbing over the lower rung into the center of the ladder and then hanging on the inside.

Lots of cool FRC robots have hung across the years, check them out and replicate them in VEX parts.

Alright. How should I grab them?

That’s the fun design part! :slight_smile: You should grab them however you determine is most effective. Take a look around and try whatever you think’s promising.