VEX in the Southeast

Are there any teams in the southeast (Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida) that do VEX or are interested in doing VEX? The TigerBytes are thinking about starting a VEX team(s) and would like to know if there are any teams in the area that could possibly be interested in working together to host a regional.

I’m in GA, so I can say that the area down here has absolutely exploded with VRC. Hundreds of teams and the coordinator down here is struggling to secure enough world championship spots to match the growing number.

Our team has held a competition for the past three years, and we’ve gone from 28 teams to 50 teams, so you can definitely ask me any questions you have.

However, usually you want to get in contact with your area director. They usually have all of the event management information laid out really well, and they are super helpful.

The regional director down here is Rick Folea, and he’s nothing short of awesome. His contact information is located here. I notice you’re located in Louisiana, which might be a little bit out of his reach, but if so, he’ll get you in contact with the right person.

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At this year’s Vex World Championships, one of the judges was looking to start a new tournament next year in Louisiana. I unfortunately lost his contact information, but his name was Jason Devillier, if I remember correctly. I know he also is a volunteer at the FRC Bayou regional. He’s partnering with LSU to try and make it happen.

Thanks!! I’ll get in contact with him soon and see if he can help out!

I’m a student at LSU and I think the robotics lab has talked to him. This is the first I’ve heard of anyone partnering with us to get a VEX tournament going but I’ll check in with some of my peers to see if they know anything. I hope he is though because I think it would be a good idea to get VEX going in Louisiana.

I don’t know if Texas is to far out of reach, but there are hundreds of VEX teams down here. My team holds 2 regional’s each year for VEX, in Austin,and I know of some all around the state!

The best way to locate VEX Teams in your local area or state is to contact your RECF (Robotics Education Competition Foundation) Support Manager. They can be located at :

The RECF is the organization that provides support for the 5000+ VEX teams worldwide as well as support for over 300 local and national VEX Events. Growth of the VEX Competition and VEX educational platform has been tremendous, check out the many new and exciting products at

Also if you are interested in the 2013 game "Sack Attack: check it out at:

Mike Martus
RECF Support manager
Michigan Office

You can also find events on this handy map. There aren’t many displayed yet, but it will really fill up in September and October.