VEX Kits for Sale from Radio Shack

The kits are available for $300 from Radio Shack and in stores.

are they really out yet? i didn’t think they were going “public” untill after the competition…

they arnt SUPPOSED to be out yet, but the stores have them. Some apparently didnt listen to the directions and have put them on the shelves…

I was under the impression that they were “releasing” the kits on April 1st, but the “launch promo” was at the competition. I’ve heard conflicting remarks, however.

Yep ordered my online. Radio Shack confirmed the order should arrive in 5-7 days. Don’t forget about batteries!!

Yep… Let’s hear it for minimum wage workers… w00t!!

2 stores I went to this weekend had them already. :smiley:
One had a full display with a FIRST logo on it right inside the door, and the other had it near the BOE-Bot area. Not a high traffic area like on an endcap, but along the wall in the back… :frowning:

It’s kind of hard to miss the area though since all the boxes are about 90% white with the word VEX written in maroon letters on them.

Every box had a FIRST logo on it as well somewhere.

Also, I don’t know if it was lost in translation, but the packages said…

Made in China exclusively for Innovation One Inc. Copyright © 2005.
from… somewhere other than Greenville TX where Innovation First is from.

Maybe a satellite company? Or new factory?

One thing that, pardon the pun, vexed me…

…don’t you think someone would’ve checked FIRST’s logo standards before using it on the boxes as they did? I could’ve sworn that they said not to use the logo as a word–and then there’s the whole protected space thing.

Yes… Yes… Yes… Whoooohooooo. I am heading over there right now. My mom is going to be so annoyed at me.:slight_smile:

When I first saw “Innovation One” on the back of the transmitter, I laughed out loud, thinking it must be a lost in translation thing. But then I saw it was on all the documentation.

Right now, I am thinking that it is some sort of subsidiary of Innovation First or a DBA of Innovation First (like IFI).

Look here to see Adam Y’s guess in this regard with respect to Radio Shack. I suppose he is right because the USPTO has the attached picture registered as a Trademark/Wordmark to Radio Shack. Look Here for the data.

Even so it is listed as
Current Status: Newly filed application, not yet assigned to an examining attorney”

So it is not a done deal…

For what it is worth…

Joe J.