Vex Kits

Is there anyway I can get half price VEX kits. We are looking at getting two to start a VEX after school program. Anyone have ideas?


I’m not 100% sure but you might be able to ebay it, but I kinda would think getting vex kits for half price would be rare considering how popular Vex is becoming.

Just and idea but maybe you could look for a sponsor to help you out with that. I’m sure that they would love to help with a program like that. Helping kids learn is very important for not only there future but for all our future.

well you could try different radio shacks that is what my teacher did

In our local Radio Shacks (Massachusetts), the basic Vex kits are currently on sale for $200. It might not be half price, but it’s as low as the price has been. Other Vex components (but not all) are also on sale.

RS in NJ has them discounted also. I think 33%

Not to be pessimistic, but I’m not sure why anyone but a sponsor would give you two VEX kits for the price of one. I mean, go for it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

Best of luck,
Paul Dennis

Cause we are trying something new and we have a limited budget this year and also if there is a chance to save some money, then YES we are going to take it up.

Not to be mean or anything!

Well then you definately want to take advantage of the current Radio Shack unadvertised sale on the Vex kits and accessories. The sale is going on until 2/4/06, and the starter kit is $100 off the $299 retail price.