Vex line follower sensor kit program

I am trying to create a program that will allow the line flooer sensor to work. I am n ot sure of what to do. I am creating this robot as a class project for a class that I am in. any help that anybody can give me would be nice.
Thank you.

What kind of robot are you making? Vex, Edu, FRC? The Vex line following sensors come with some basic instructions that might help. EasyC Version 2 has a built in tutorial for line following that will also help a lot. Hope this helps.

With the line following kit you are given three sensors. If you play one at the front of your robot, one in the middle, and the third at the end, facing downwards, it gives you a reading based on how far away it is from a line of contrasting color. If you know the distances you can make the appropriate lines of code to turn to the right or left. If you get a reading on the first one that is off the line, the middle is slightly off the line, (both to the left), and the third one is on the line, you know that the line is curving and you shoudl turn to the right. Or vice versa.

I am student at the New Hampshire Community Technical College in Laconia, N.H. I am not really a programmer so if anybody had a sample of the code I would use to allow the robot to run the course that came with the line-follower kit it would be a great help.

I am runniong the Vex robot. Using the EasyC Program for Vex.

If you go to the easyc help, one of the tutorials walks through the setup of a line follower program, with code examples.