Vex line trackers and Labview?



I have just a few questions:

Can one use Vex line trackers with the roboRio and can one program them in LabVIEW.

The reason I’m asking this question is that I know that you can use Vex servos cause my team used it before. And if you can show some examples of code that would be helpful too.

any help is welcomed and thanks in advance.


It appears that the vex line trackers are analog, which could be read by an Analog Input on the RoboRIO.


We were also thinking about using line tracking for getting a good alinement when pulling up to the cargo ship or the rocket. The problem I keep running into is the range of things. The vex line trackers say they like to be 3mm off the ground. Which having something that low under your bot is going to make getting up onto the hab interesting.


yes that is true i think it might work higher up but with difficulty