Vex MC

Hi I’m MC Squid. I’m not really an MC yet. I wanted to try to MC for Vex. But I know nothing of VEX. So can anyone tell me the closest competition to Waco tx and how to apply for MC. BTW im still in highschool if that affects anything.

Go to to find an event in your area.

Many events are run by small groups/teams. Contact the event coordinator directly and ask to volunteer.

Fair warning, events held by teams often let someone they know MC. I don’t think anyone will let you MC out of the blue.

  • Sunny G.

Send me a PM , I will forward you a few details about MC’ing at VEX tournaments in Texas.

@lynca I sent you a message

We run an event here in Greenville and are always looking for MC’s. Send me your email and I can put you on the potential volunteer list.