Vex Motors With RoboRio

Our team has some Vex 393 motors laying around and were hoping to use them in conjunction with a couple of Motor Controller 29s to make a small “sensor bot”. So far I have had no luck finding any compatible code and getting them to actually work through the PWM port on the RoboRio. Anyone have any ideas or has anyone actually got it to work?

The vex 29 motor controllers should work if you plug them into the roboRIO just like a talon or what ever, they all send the same signal, if it doesn’t work, its probably because the power bus the RIO is sending it is to low of current/voltage. All of the PWM motor controllers use the same signal.

I found this image on google, this is how you should wire it.

make the new Vin and Gnd wire going to the Power distro board

Max voltage for the Vex 29 is 8.5 volts. Powering it from the 12 V PDB would be bad. A 5 volt source would leave it a little under powered, but should work. That is what the Crio side car powered it with. The available current on the roborio PWM pins is low, but should work for a lightly loaded motor. Any of the PWM motor controller code should work.