Vex New Products FAQ is online ..

Innovation First, Inc. has posted a FAQ regarding the new products and competition news announced recently.

The FAQ can be found here, with a discussion happening here on


Qwerk being the controller for the college competition is awesome. I can’t wait. Great info IFI.

Sounds like Vex has a brighter future than any of us predicted. I think it’s going to spread much faster than any FIRST program currently out there just because of the price. It’s a great price for large programs where someone would want to have more than one team. And the new Qwerk controller intrigues me… looks like it’s time to start buying vex stuff again. :wink: Also the Text LCD has to be one of the most practical additions ever thought of. I love the idea of being able to get data from a program without a computer.

For those who don’t know, Qwerk is the brainchild of Illah Nourbakhsh, who was also behind the development of the Gigapan (demonstrated by Dave Lavery at this year’s Championship), as well as the CMUcam. I’ve worked with the Qwerk, and it’s an amazing piece of hardware… this sounds like a great move for IFI.

Double wide 60 tooth gear with metal shaft socket - available soon.

Double wide 36 tooth gear with metal shaft socket - available soon.

Double wide 12 tooth gear with metal shaft socket - available soon.

12 tooth metal gear - available soon.

Awesome, Vex needed this.

I think Qwerk is going to vastly improve most hobby robots (low cost projects).
Charmed Labsdesigned the Qwerk and they have been making electronics for BotBall for many years. I think this will work out quite well for IFI.