Vex on TV

WJZ Channel 13 in Baltimore runs a segment each morning called “Coffee With.” During the segment this morning (8/19/2005), they had on Tech Guy Mark Saltman talking about the upcoming school year and tech gadgets for high school and college students. In the last part of the segment, he starts talking about VEX. The segment can be watched at Footage is shown of Vex robots including last years Championships. The segment begins at 6:46 (look at the logo in the lower left corner) and the Vex part starts at 6:51 AM (about 3/4 the way through). Some models of the NASA vehicles that have and are going to Mars are also in the background.


Thanks for the heads up Steve but the link doesn’t work. It is missing the “www.” before

I did see the video and all the goodies he is showing off are pretty cool! Glad he made the connection between technology and school!