VEX or Gumstix?

I’m thinking of purchasing either a gumstix or a VEX starter kit and need some advice :confused:. It will be for my personal use, mainly for programming tinkering and experimentation, but could be used as a coprocessor if our team wants it on the robot. I know the gumstix is more versatile, but the VEX would allow me to do more right off the bat. I’m leaning toward the gumstix for the versatility and because (from what I can tell) it has more applications. Any suggestions?

I assure you, the gumstix/robostix is MUCH better. And you get possibility for wifi/bluetooth.

I was also wondering about this too, but with any microcontroller. How capable is gumstix and robostix with I/O, I want to use one board for many applications by archiving my programs and loading them according to the robot. Since I’m going to use it for every robotic project I can think of, and every sensor I can find, it’d be nice to have 70-80 possible I/O lines and radio control interface (I want to make a helicopter too).

How capable is gumstix/robostix with I/O?

I have an Atmel AVR stk500 starter board, but i was also looking at gumstix for wayy into the future and was wonder if they can only be programmed in linux or if they can alos be programmed in C?

You can program the Gumstix in C, Perl, Java… any language that it can run. You just have to be capable of working in a Linux environment as that is what the Gumstix uses as its OS.

I would say, before you invest in a Gumstix, find an old PC you can put Linux on and become familiar with basic usage of the command line (not GUI environment).

You are comparing apples and oranges. For $300 from VEX you get radios, computer, motors, sensors, fasteners, and building materials. For a minimum of $100 from Gumstix, you get a processing board. The 400 MHz Bluetooth computer is $200. A Gumstix processor might be a cool, but it isn’t a competitor for VEX any more than a Ford F-350 is a competitor to a Nissan 350.

If you are money-limited, you should probably start with your budget and work backwards from there.

If you have a particular use in mind, you should probably use that to inform your decision making (Gumstix seem to excel at autonomous robotics fish).

If you want to participate in FIRST events, you should probably just go with VEX.