VEX parts seriously in need

Hey guys! So I guess I should tell you a little bit about why I am writing this.

I attend a Governors’ school for the Arts and Technology. Once upon a time we had robotics team but as the teacher running the program left, so did robotics. So now we are a technology school without a robotics team and we desperately want to re-enter the robotics fun.

We’ve been working with a nearby school to get us restarted, they have been kind enough to donate us their old VEX material. At first we were totally excited and couldn’t wait to start building, that is until we build two very small chassis and realized that we didn’t have anymore metal. We were quite sadden by this but we didn’t let is stop us. We proceeded to see if we could program the robots to at least move backwards and forwards. As we proceeded into this next step we looked for the programming CD but we couldn’t find it. We went back to the Team that donated the parts to us to see if they had a CD but they unfortunately didn’t.

You may be asking yourselves, “Well, why didn’t they just buy a CD?”
Which is an excellent question. Well you see, we are a group of 4 high school students; we don’t have very much money and quite very little resources. One of the guys on the team has been trying to come up with a way to make the robot work with an Arduino and a raspberry pi. But this isn’t going to well for us…

so this is were I very extremely nicely ask for your help. If you guys know a way that we could program the “robots” that we have created, could you please inform us how. We would really appreciate it.

and not to seem as if we are asking for too much but if you have any spare VEX parts that you wouldn’t mind departing from and donating to us we would absolutely love that.

We would actually just appreciate anything that could help us move forward.

We are doing this to show our administration that it is possible for us to restart a robotics team here, and this is our way to show it.

So please… if you guys could help in any way possible we would very much appreciate it.

my email is [email protected] just in case.

Thank you!

You may get more of a response if you go to It is more directly focused on VEX, whereas Chief Delphi tends to focus more on the FIRST Robotics Competition, especially this time of year.


Have a look at ROBOTC:

If you only need to use it to get people interested in the short term then the 30 day trial may be all you need.

Haven’t used the VEX version myself, but I have used the NXT one and it worked flawlessly.