Vex parts

Where is the best place to go to sell VEX parts?
I have 2 sets and a lot of add on parts.

Have you tried the vex forum it self? The you could try the CD swap, but I have never used it. Or you could try Craigslist?

I bought this for my son and he quickly lost interest, I tryed to donate it to several schools and none of them wanted it.:confused:
It’s quite a bit of $$ in controls, gears, motors, servos, wheels, sensors, and metal kits. some new never out of the box, the rest very lightly used.
I would have never thought that with all the vex users out there it would be that hard to sell this off.:ahh:

Well how old is the kit? Because vex just cam out with upgraded motors and a new controll system. That might be your problem. (and yes I know how $$$ some vex stuff can get)

GUS is always looking to expand our VEX collection, I PMed you!


Through my connections with the RECF, I know a DC-area Maryland High School that wants compete in the VRC program but doesn’t have the start-up dollars.

Your equipment plus a kit from one other donor that volunteered just yesterday would be a wonderful gift that would inspire many students for many years.

There is a well-established FRC team standing by ready to mentor this new group.

PM me if you want details - I’ll have my fingers crossed!


2 starter sets + extra servos, motors, bumpers, limit switches and parts
2 kits of gears, sprockets, chains
12 large wheels
12 medium wheels
10 small omni directional wheels
24 small wheels
12 flap wheels

New still in boxes
2 bumper switch kits (2)
1 Light sensor kit (1)
4 limit switch kits (2)
1 Optical shaft Encoder kit (2)
2 transmiter and reciver add on kits
1 programing kit
2 line tracker kits

OK - So, what is the current plan? - I know one school that has their fingers and toes crossed hoping that you still want to be the nicest person on the planet and donate it.