VEX Power Expander

The VEX Power Expander is now available: and This allows builders to use two batteries for one controller, and reduces the power draw on that controller. From the product description:

*  Attach a 2nd battery to your robot
      o Power up to four (4) Motors or Servos
      o Reduce motor load on primary battery
      o Run your robot for longer!
* Protected by an Internal Circuit Breaker
* Status port provides feedback to Microcontroller
      o Record when your robot trips its breaker
      o Measure battery voltage
* Feedback LED shows battery and circuit breaker status
* PWM Slide Lock keeps cables from coming unplugged


Already ordered two!

I hope this means the VexNet WiFi units are shipping soon too.

I hope we can order these for our teams.

We’ve been waiting since early June for our VEXnets and we were hoping to get them at the beginning of July, but no such luck. :D. I guess that they’ll be ‘shipping’ them in July and we can expect them in early August.

Over on the VEX forums people have started reporting delivery of the VEXnet upgrade.

Ik. I’m known as Sunny on the VEX forums.