VEX Pro Dog Shifter with PTO option

We are getting ready to assemble our WCP 3 CIM dog shifter units that we purchased a while back. We also are going to add the optional PTO. Couple of questions.

  1. Does anyone know where to find PTO installation instructions?

  2. When the PTO shaft is engaged, does the main wheel shaft become disengaged from the motor? We are wanting to use this to drive a wheel and then to engage the PTO to drive a lift, but, not both at the same time.

Thanks for all your help.

Mentor Team 3284

Send an email to the WCP guys at Support “at”

my only question is why are you guys using a 3 cim shifting gearbox for this years game. My team purchased a set of them as well but think that a single speed gearbox will be effective and super easy this year.

The thought was to use 2 CIM’s and add the PTO option to power a lift. It’s normal function would be part of the drive train. After further review of the PTO system it will not work for us.

Thanks for the comments.