Vex Pro Mecanum Wheel Roller Inquiry

Hello, for anyone who has Vex Pro 6 in mecanum wheels, do you have problems with the rollers becoming loose such as the in Ri3D team who changed their wheels to Andymark mecanum?
Ri3D El toro improvements:

So after testing our robot today, I noticed some rollers were wobbly and make contact with the plastic mount, yet others and the new ones purchased don’t wobble however roll fine. Is it natural wear or a defect of the rollers?

We used the 6’’ wheels last year, and they worked well for us (for 2 competitions) until we started doing lots of demos and fundraisers. 3 of the rollers broke, but you can buy replacement ones which are fairly easy to switch out.

We used the 6" through two regionals and some demos with no problem last year, and have been beating up those same wheels on our practice bot. They seem to be running fine.

We were using Vex 6" mecanums on our preseason drivetrain and they worked well. We had little problems with rollers losening. However when we got to full competition weight we had problems. We snapped at least five rollers off in one night under normal driving conditions. Part of the problem may be that we are using ball shifters with a CIM and a Mini CIM to power each wheel. Suffice to say, we have switched to Andymark wheels on the competition version.

Do the Andymark mecanum provide better strafing than the vex mecanum with the rollers loose?

People have said that strafing with VEX mecanums isn’t as good as Andymark’s

our old Andymark machanum wheels that where on our Logomotion (2011 i think) robot still are in working condition, we used that bot in many events and fundraisers running it on anything from tarp to FTC floor marerial with little issue, as for the VEX wheels i have not personal experience, but i have not herd too many good things about them. if you are planning to use a macanum size that Andymark offers i highly recomend using Andymark.

Post links please.

With gyro assist, we don’t see any appreciable difference.

In the video posted by the op, the guy (currently don’t know his name) stated that when one of the wheels became loose, it jammed when moving sideways. We personally haven’t used them because we don’t like mecanum, but we still look around :wink:

The Andymark mecanums roll and strafe a bit smoother than the Vex ones because they have more rollers. That said, the Vex wheels don’t strafe bad at all.