VEX problem...

Hey everyone, I’m a little puzzled…
I’m having a slight issue with programming my Vex r/c. I can’t get the motors to run under r/c control. I don’t get it. Everything is plugged in, crystals match, motors plugged into the right port, etc. I can get motor ports 2 and 3 to run under the default code. I also can get it to run under online code. Making the motors run with a pwm value also works. I just can’t figure out why the r/c control isn’t working.

Some help please.

Thanks, Ben.

Oh, btw, it’s to run a 4 speed transmission…:cool:

If you are using easy C 2 for Vex, you probably forgot to put a while==1 loop in the operator control program. This needs to surround the entire program to have it run continuously.

Okay, I got it working. Thanks a lot!
I don’t program much, so I’m still learning.

4 speed tranny:

Still need to build the mechanism to slide the shafts. It’s extremely complicated and inefficient. I still don’t know how it’s going to drive either.

Are you planning on having a rack/pinion set-up with a central servo?

No, I want them to be independent of each other so that it can have the 4 speeds. I don’t have the Advanced Gear kit yet, so I’m just going to have two motors with move them with a little lever or something.

Is this for his years competition? If so, why would you every need 4 speeds.

You don’t really need it at all, but it still shows the teams mechanically abilities. It could get the think award if you explain it to the judges well enough. Also, you would have to state the reason of why you did it though.

No, it’s my personal robot. Just making it for fun…