vex programming arcade drive setting

i got the programming kit for my vex robot. and i starting programming my robot. i starting making a code for my robot for the arm and setting to the joystick. i got the limit switches programmed when it came to the drive system i put the arcade or the single stick and it is messed up. only one side moves when i move the stick forward. just not working out. if anyone can help me out with this problem by Tuesday night that would be helpful. i getting it ready for a demo. any one have an idea what i can do?

This post from another thread gives you an option

On the tool bar just below the menu bar in EasyC, click on the button labeled “Pro”. You should see additional commands in the window on the left side. Use “Motor Module Rx” and “Servo Module Rx”. These commands allow you to assign any channel to any motor/servo.

Have you tried downloading a simple While loop with just the Arcade motor command? Like the programming manual shows for Tank control (pg 8-46), only put in the Arcade - 2 motor control (assuming you are using 2 drive motors).

On my robot, the motors are on ports 3 (left) and 2 (right), so I used the settings Arcade2 (0,2,1,3,2,0,0) to map the right hand joystick left-right (ch1) to rotate and fwd-back (ch2) to forward/reverse.

Watch out that the Vex Help file example for Arcade - 2 motor has the transmitter channels swapped (fwd/rev to ch1, rotate to ch2). Makes for an interesting driving experience!