Vex Programming Help!

Hi. I am programming my vex robot and was wondering if the remote control stick could be configured so it is a tank drive, upwards and downwards, and each left and right movement of each joystick could be set to trigger a few motors. I was wondering if this is possible with regular C programming and what the code looks like.

If this is not possible, can any of the other buttons on the vex remote control to be set to trigger motors?

Thank you.

If you are using MPLab just have something like this:
pwm01 = PWM_in2; // Left drive = left joystick up/down
pwm02 = PWM_in3; // Right Drive = right joystick up/down

//for one motor on each joystick left/right
pwm03 = PWM_in1; //extra motor 1 = Left joystick left/right
pwm04 = PWM_in4; //extra motor 2 = right joystick left/right

//for multiple motors on each joystick left/right
pwm03 = pwm04 = … = PWM_in1;
pwm05 = pwm10 = … = PWM_in4;

I don’t know EasyC :o , but you should be able to do something similar.

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