Vex programming kit finally available??

The VEX programming kit is now listed on the Radio Shack website.

Guess we will all have to wait to see how long it takes to get them on the retail store shelves and in stock for online orders.

This is the better link to point to:

I wonder if that USB-Serial cable would work with a certain other piece of hardware out of Texas…

Thanks for keeping me honest. I cut and pasted the wrong URL in my haste to multitask.

Considering they were both designed by the same group of people I would say so.

As a note some laptops can not use the programming module when the laptop is unplugged because it draws too much power. We found this out using the Serial connector so it may not be true if using USB.

As of Tuesday 8/26/05 The programming modules (which are in the RadioShack warehouse…) are not being shipped yet. There seems to be problem between RS and the developers of the software… I was told that this issue would be resolved soon (within two weeks…) .

Also check out the new sensors which will be available within the month also…
line follower module, light sensor, sonic ranger, shaft encoders…

If you’re talking about the Innovation First FRC Robot Controller…
Yes, it will work (or so I’ve been told, remember I’m a gear guy ;)).

It definitely won’t break any speed records for download time.
A better solution for FRC-Coders with USB laptops may be seen in the future.


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I saw the software at WPI’s Frontiers program. It looks pretty sweet. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Has anyone got their vex programming kit yet?
Radio shack said today that they were held up in a licensing dispute?

Have Fun


Unfortunately, The VEX Programming modules is NOT available at this date.
(September 21, 2005) I contacted RadioShack directly to ask …(and they have pulled it off the VEX accessory page) They have also pulled the sensors off the page and they are not available either. All of this material is in their warehouse but there is appararently a difficulty in the contract between RadioShack and the software contractor… hmmm I wonder who that is? They could give NO date as to when the modules or sensors would be made available…

I would suggest we not call RadioShack yet… they have promised to call me when they are available and I will post the minute I get the message. The poor guy who takes these calls says he gets about 1 call per hour regarding this topic…

I have 17 VEX kits purchased… (most still in boxes…) It is a lot of fun playing with them… but their use for a class is very limited … without the ability to program them…



For those in need…
Prototype Programming Module kits ARE available from VexLABS.
We do NOT have the EasyC software.

It includes our C-BOT disk, Programming Module, RJ14 cable, and a DB9 serial cable. The C-BOT disk includes the Microchip MPLAB IDE, the C-18 Compiler, and the IFI Loader.

The MPLAB IDE allows you to edit the files, the Compiler allows you to create a new .hex file, and the IFI Loader allows you to download files to the Vex Controller. The RJ14 cable connects the Programming Module to the Vex Controller. The DB9 serial cable connects the Programming Module to a serial port on your computer.

Call for availablility.
If you’re desperate for something, and can’t wait until the final RadioShack release, this may be a viable option.

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for… :yikes:

**The Vex Programming Module is finally listed as IN-STOCK on the RadioShack website! **

I sure hope this isn’t a glitch on their website, but this may be promising news. The programming module is not listed as in-stock in any of my local stores, but possibly this will come later this week or maybe next week. As a side note, the Vex Line Following Sensor Kit is also now available online as in-stock. However, the Vex Shaft Encoders, Vex Ultrasonic Sensor, Vex Light Sensor are still listed as out-of-stock.

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You should order Vex Robotics Kits and add-on kits from Radio Shack’s online store. DON’T waste your time, money, and gasoline driving or taking buses or trains to walk-in stores. I checked two walk-in stores and they don’t have any Vex kits.

Right now availability through stores depends on geographic region. However, the website purchase is 100% reliable … and the only way (currently) to obtain the 10% educational discount is by calling directly 866-VEX-ROBO and ask for the government and education direct sales group.

Just in time for the Vex season too. Hummm…

Anyway, I think you all will like easyC. It really is easy to use. Within a few minutes, most people should be up and running with some nice auto programs. I learned to use it on a trip in the car from Manchester NH to Battlecry 6.

You don’t need to waste gas driving to the store only to find no Vex products. Simply use the store locator on the radio shack website. It will find the closest store to your zip code which has the products in stock.

Also, store supply isn’t entirely based on geographic location or region. Stores receive their inventory based on previous sales volume. If you want your local store to stock lots of Vex components, you need to purchase them at that store.

I know it sounds “Catch 22”, but the local store 5 minutes from where I work has already sold 3 or 4 Vex starter kits (one to me!). They are now considered a “high volume” store for Vex, and they receive new Vex product before most other stores. It probably doesn’t hurt that I’ve also purchased extra metal kit, 2 omni wheel kits, wheel kit, gear kit, chain and sprocket kit, motor kits, limit switch kit,… You get the picture! I’m sure they’ll have the programming kit this week, and they’ll have one on the counter waiting for me along with any sensors that have been released.

Capitalism at its finest.

I was informed yesterday that the VEX programming kit with EasyC is finally available… If you are part of a school …/educational entity it can be ordered (shipping is free) for 10% off… also available is the line follower
the other kits (light sensor/encoder/sonar) should be ready next week…

we shall see how well it works…