Vex Programming on Chromebooks

Has anyone had any success programming ANY robots on chromebooks? I have the VEX EDR system built now but we can’t program them (yet). Is it true that Flowol4 the only option? Are there other options and do they work?

As a former high school student who had to put up with a chromebook: it is not possible. I did some research back when I had one and to compile code you have to remove ChromeOS and install Linux, which I doubt you are allowed to do.

Floeol4 is most definately not the only option - my school used RobotC. There are a number of other options listed on the Vex EDR site. However, none of these will work on a chromebook because they can’t compile code.

ChromeOS is unable to do this, however it is entirely possible to run other operating systems on a Chromebook. If you have to use Chromebooks, I recommend putting Linux or Windows on them so that your software can be used.

Here is an excellent article about installing Windows 10 over ChromeOS.
Article Link

Know your school’s policy. I can’t imagine that they would be too happy about you reimaging a device that belongs to them.

Robot Mesh Studio is Chromebook compatible. This program allows you to program physical VEX EDR Robots, as well as virtual robots online. You can also choose one of four different programming languages, which include Flowol, Blockly, and Python.

He never specifically said that the chromebooks belong to a school. I thought perhaps they were looking for a cheap laptop option.