VEX radio controller

I am doing a brainstorm for some different possibilities/uses for the vex kit. I am wondering if it is possible to use the standard vex radio controller with a regular Radio Controlled Futaba receiver with the same crystal channel. I am assuming that the vex system is on 75MHz band and as long as you have the same crystal frequency is there any reason this won’t work?

Greg, The Vex controller is pretty much the same guts as many other RC controllers just with some new packaging.

What frequency channel is the VEX transmitter?

Selected by customer or random?


Dude - Do at least a little bit of reasearch on your own on the VexLAbs site before asking here. You will learn more that way.

They tell you that the starter kit and the separate transmitter/receiver set are sold with a crystal channel pair and that you can buy more. The frequencies of the original crystal pairs and of the additional ones you can buy are all listed in the VexLabs Parts and Accessories product descriptions.