Vex Robotics and the One Hundred Trillion Dollar Sprocket

It’s a joke topic about insane prices. All the posts were at least light hearted until yours, and the topics you removed were specifically about insane prices. None since have been about either of these topics, but your removal of them. Who’s off topic here?


I received 3 likes and a flag. :upside_down_face:


Joking about hyperinflation is no laughing matter. (pretend Marshall typed this)


OBTW, explicitly referencing the insane prices in OP, here’s my key to success in a likely financial bubble (e.g. Tulip bulbs in their day, AOL in its day, Bitcoin in its day, and Dogecoin today):

  • Buy in early, in an amount you can afford to lose (perhaps painful, but not devastating).
  • When the price reaches some multiple (perhaps10x, but adjust to taste) of what you bought it for, sell off a fraction so you’ve already made a hefty profit and are playing with “house money”.
  • When it multiplies by that multiple again, sell of half, making crazy profit but staying in.
  • Rinse and repeat until the bubble bursts.

Likewise, if you find your currency starting to trend to hyperinflation, invest in commodities, production, and intrinsics (e.g. gold). There’s no benefit to liquid assets if all the vessels are leaking like crazy.

Disclaimer: I’m not an economist. I managed to get a diploma and degrees without taking a single economy course. I mostly invest in growth companies, with good management and low debt. But when I’ve found myself in a bubble, this simple “buy cheap and sell dear” policy has worked for me so far. I admit that I’ve never tested the hyperinflation rule, but that’s my plan.


I’m reminded of “The Great Pumpkin” special when Charlie Brown says (several times) “I got a rock.”

no gme to the moon


It would appear Vex has updated their website, though somehow this is almost even more mysterious considering the other listings on that page…

Perhaps you have to get a quote to buy #35 sprockets now?


When it hits the fan. Vex at least isn’t going to pay menu costs.

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Hey that’s my line!


Sure, it’s expensive, but we’d only need to sell one to beat Bezos! Or balance the budget I guess… :roll_eyes:


Right - good catch that I, too, saw. Vex owes us 200 trillion $. More likely this belongs in the Programming forum. Even I’ve been guilty of initializing to large negative numbers instead of using a Boolean flag to indicate something needs to be done. I prefer + or - 99999 or so. Then you are supposed to look at your output for the offending value and fix it. Or leave it and everyone has a good laugh at your expense.

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I finally went to Vex to look at this page. What a mess of a way to order! Curiously, the first set of sprockets I chose were #35, 1/2" hex bore, 15T. It still reported that the cost was $0, with two options that actually ordered something. The double sprocket is $15.99. The single sprocket is $16.99. I guess I’d order the double sprocket to save a buck unless I had some serious shaft length limits! (And it just might be MORE useful next year!)

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