Vex robotics metioned in Popular Science

I just got my June issue and on page 24 there is a picture and a short article on the VEX robotics kits. The article can be read aniline at,20967,1059312,00.html

ya i saw that also

i was alittle annoyed that they didnt mention FIRST tho

I saw that as well, the little blurb with the picture of the entire KOP laid out focused more on the Radio Shack kit of parts rather than the FIRST program, basically calling the kit a glorified erector set. However, they do have a very cool contest mentioned at the bottom of the page where you can go to and win a kit by telling them what you would build with it.

I’m game!

It is a glorified Erector Set, though. And at the moment there aren’t any organized or sanctioned competitions, so all it is is a neat kit of steel, hardware, little motors, and a control system, exactly as described. When competitions based around the VEX kit or control system start popping up, then it’ll be something more than a toy.

Can you provide a direct link to the contest?? I can’t seem to find it mentioned on that page anywhere.
I have the greatest idea ever for something I can make with a vex kit… :cool:

Mmm, good point Elgin. I noticed that too after I posted. I think, in true PopSci fashion, that it will be posted somewhere on their site relatively soon since circulation of the magazine just began a few days ago. PopSci has a tendency to post follow-up articles and links within a week or so of completion of a publishing cycle.