VEX Robotics

The Annual FIRST Championship event electrifies the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, April 21-23, 2005.

The best, brightest and baddest go wheel-to-wheel in the nation’s coveted shoot-out sponsored by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) with major support from NASA, Boston Scientific, DaimlerChrysler,
Delphi Corporation and more.

More than 465 teams totaling 20,000 high-school and middle-school students gather to compete and wow the crowds with their skills and robotic creations.

The launch of Vex will also happen at The FIRST Championship. The Vex Robotics Design System is a very cool new option in kits that allows you to design and create almost anything you can imagine, and meet whatever challenges come your way.

The Starter Kit costs considerably less than similar kits, yet provides a more engaging and rewarding experience. It’s filled with variable-speed motors, multiple gears, a programmable micro-controller, multiple wheel types and sizes, a configurable chassis—well, you get the idea. Everything you need to prove you’re a genius.

The FIRST Vex Challenge at The FIRST Championship will be the first chance for robophiles to get their hands on Vex and invent something truly mind-blowing as they face off to design, build, and program their own Vex robot.

It’s gonna be big, and it’s gonna be soon. For more on The FIRST Competition and Vex, blast over to

So what exactly is this? Vex has been thrown around back and forth for awhile, yet I’m still not sure what it is :confused: . Is it a minigame at nationals, where teams have a few hours to build a robot that does something specific (ala Junkyard Wars), is it a way of design/construction for a FIRST robot, is it next year’s control system, or is it something that has nothing to do with FRC?

Two separate things. The Vex Robotics Kit is similar to the IFI Robovation kit but includes upgraded parts and RC equipment. Details will be released after the FRC National event, but the kit is pretty cool.

The Vex Robotics Competition at the FRC National event is a mini-comp using these new kits. The challenge is a scaled-down version of last year’s FRC game. Teams that are participating each received four kits, which they are in the process of using to build a robot for the competition. The structure of the competition is exactly the same as the FRC competition, just on a smaller field with smaller robots.

seems similar to Singapore FIRST…

Stop the marketing tease. Give us some details. Team 104 most likely will not be able to do First next year. Not enough mentors, money, and resources. We have been looking at other robotics programs and competitions. Lego bots and Boe bots don’t inspire high school students and some others are so difficult only the fast track kids would be able to participate and master. Our team spent about $9000 this year because of travel expenses and the school district does not like the expenditure per student. We’re very interested in Vex because of the kit price and the First affiliation. We could get funding for a couple of kits. Maybe 2 or 3 teams per high school. The students could work with them after school when there are plenty of teachers there already. Mentors can then meet 1 or 2 times a week to help with the complex issues. This would help with the mentor and teacher burn out problem. We could have small half day inter school, intra school district and local competitions. With some fund raising send the best teams to a regional or national competition.
We have support for a robotics program. Just not at the cost and intensity of the current First program. WE’RE INTERESTED IN VEX. Give us some info NOW. We need to start working on proposals NOW to present to the power that be in the school district before the end of school in June. You must understand that it takes allot of time to work a new program thru the district bureaucracy. Also, has the date and time been fixed for the Atlanta demo? I want to make sure the team See’s it.

Yeah, kind of,

except that the VEX kits are more like mindstorms for highschool/college students

Please note that there is a whole section on CD for Vex discussions now…
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I’ve worked enough with a school district to know how this feels. You should probably start here for some basic information about the pilot season in October and the demo tournament on Thursday and Friday at Championships. The times are listed along with FRC times in the Championship schedule.

Beyond that, emailing FIRST and explaining your situation to them will probably get you a lot more reliable information than we can provide. Try emailing [email protected]] [email protected][/EMAIL].

The Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited team is participating in the FIRST Vex Challenge this season, and has posted a fair amount of information on a new team website, Hopefully, this will help to answer some of the questions about the competition and the kit.