vex robotics

i haven’t been reading to much but does anyone know officially if first and vex are officially like the FRC and fll because as i was one of the mentors for pilot team 26 it was the vex challenge not the fvc and if its is now the fvc does any one know where the regionals are at. because i would really like a buckeye regional in Cleveland. and also how many teams have a fvc team.

As far as I know, FIRST and Radio Shack are jointly committed to the continuation of a one year pilot. That is all that we know at this point. More information will hopefully be available in the next month or two from what I understand.

thanks i know that i hadn’t been reading but i don’t think that i would have let some thing like that slip by me

i was in vex this year ,team 21, it was the same competition as last years FRC and will probobly follow suit. So next year vex will probobly do a smaller scale tetra competition. Radio shack was handing out kits this year but they may not next year. They gave them out this year because they were trying to market the product. Overall it is realy like FRC excpt a lot smaller and easier to build.