VEX round up game

can you use VEXprolerer parts in the round up game?

You should consider posting it on the Official Round Up Q&A:

You should be able to use any parts from the vexplorer, except for the motors and control system. I know this year for cleansweep team 2504 (Team i mentor) used some of the black metal from the kit. Ill check up on this and post again.

<R5> Robots may be built ONLY from Official Robot Components from the VEX Robotics Design System
unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules.
a. During inspections if there is a question about whether something is an official VEX component,
a team will be required to provide documentation to an inspector, which proves the
component’s source. Such types of documentation include receipts, part numbers, or other
printed documentation.
b. Only the VEX Robotics Design System Components specifically designed to be used for Robot
construction are allowed. Using additional components outside their typical purpose is against
the intent of the rule (i.e. please don’t try using VEX apparel, competition support, or other nonrobot
products on a VEX Robotics Competition Robot).
c. The packaging, manual binders, styrofoam, cardboard, plastic bags, software CD’s etc. from
the VEX kits are NOT included and CANNOT be used for robot construction. Only the VEX
robot parts themselves are allowed.
d. Products from the VEXpro product line cannot be used for robot construction. Products from
the VEXpro line which are also cross listed as part of the VEX EDR product are legal.

In the past, it has been written in the inspection checklist that you may not use any of the electronics from the VEXplorer, but it doesn’t say anything else about the other parts.
You should post it under the official VEX Q&A here.