Vex Scrimmage in Baltimore-Dec. 13

I have been asked by the organizers to post on chiefdelphi.

       " Baltimore City Public Schools Robotic VEX Competition
                              "Bridge Battle"
                          December 13, 2007
            Morgan State University Student Center Ball Room
                            9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
                                sponsored by
              Maryland State Department of Education
                   Morgan State School of Engineering
                      Baltimore City Public Schools
                           Innovation FIRST, Inc.
                             Endorsed by NASA

any questions:
please contact
NASA Liaison for BCPSS"

I have been asked by the organizers to post on chiefdelphi.

“The Bridge Battle VEX Scrimmage on December 13, 2007 of BCPSS is restricted to Baltimore City teams due to logistics. However in the future we will plan for teams outside of Baltimore City to participate.”

A HUGE thank you to Brad Lauer from IFI, Dan Larochelle from intelitek, Greg Needel, Joshua Gabrielse, David Franc, Todd Martin, Morgan State University School of Engineering, NASA-Goddard, College Bound Foundation, Baltimore City Public Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education for their support of this event.

There were 24 Vex teams from 9 schools in Baltimore City, representing 8 FRC teams, including 3 rookie FRC teams joining FIRST this year. There were lots of rookie mentors. There were some amazing robots and lots of excited students. A marching band, cheerleaders, mascots, Dr. Don Thomas-1000+ hours in space with NASA, lots of awards, 2 Bridge Battle fields and lots of helping going on.