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Just a heads up to teams, when ordering from Vex if you select a delivery option to get something on the weekend it won’t be delivered. We placed an order on Thursday night knowing it would be processed Friday morning and chose the expensive next day air shipping. Once it ships the tracking the number said it wouldn’t be delivered until Monday. Default Shipping option would have delivered it in the same time frame saved a lot of money. I contacted Vex and they said UPS doesn’t delivery on the weekends. Which I know is not correct. So Just a warning to teams when using this delivery option make sure its not close to the weekend.

For those who are thinking they wouldn’t delivery because the carriers don’t attempt delivery to a school on a weekend, all packages are delivered to my home address since we do not work in a school.

UPS definitely doesn’t deliver on the weekends to my house. Yet I’ve received things via LaserShip, DHL (years ago) and USPS on Saturday or Sunday that had UPS labels on them. There’s probably some inter-company contracting that may go through Amazon/etc if it ships from Amazon/etc via UPS but arrives at your doorstep on the weekend. Newegg also has such an arrangement.

I have received UPS shipments on the weekend and I went to their website and searched for weekend deliveries and found the information that shows they do deliver on the weekends. I’m sure its an extra cost. I know AM Advantage Shipping from AndyMark includes weekend delivery and is only available during the build season, they use FedEX.

Hi Jimmy,

We’re sorry for any confusion with our shipping method selection and that you didn’t get your parts when you expected.

UPS does not deliver on Saturday unless you select Saturday Delivery as an add-on service. We can process a request for Saturday Delivery, but this request has to be called into us. We note this during the checkout process.

We’ll review the Saturday Delivery note during checkout to make sure this is clear.


This was not explained in the email from the rep who replied to my email this morning. I did not see this note or I would have not selected this delivery option or I would have called first thing the next morning. It seems like this should be standard for overnight delivery during the build season.

Thank you for clarifying.

Generally speaking most delivery services quote times in business days and will only deliver M-F. If you need something to be delivered on a Saturday it’s always best practices to double check transit times and call into a vendor to make sure it’s going to get to you in the time expected.

Most services from FedEx and UPS require additional fees and a special shipment to be setup in order for a package to be delivered on Saturday. AndyMark (and looks like Ricky says Vex as well) would require you to call in to get this service added to a shipment.

Just to clarify, AM Advantage Shipping does not automatically include Saturday delivery. AM Advantage quotes a 2-business day (M-F) transit time using FedEx services. Depending on your team’s proximity to our AndyMark location and whether you’re shipping to a residential or business address this may either be a FedEx Ground (business), FedEx Home Delivery (residential), or FedEx Express 2-day.

The delivery time availability varies from FedEx. FedEx Home Delivery offers Saturday delivery at no extra cost and requires no extra special flags on the package. Only a select group of customers who are within a 2 day ground transit area and shipping to a residential address would get their AM Advantage package delivered on a Saturday without any additional calls into AM.

So basically I have been spoiled being 3 hours from AndyMark

As Liz noted, carriers do require some additional fees and information for a Saturday delivery in most cases. This is why we do not have it set as a default option for customers who choose 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air as their shipment method.

Also, many of our customers are delivering to addresses where no one is there on a Saturday, so including that by default would cause extra delays and fees to reschedule delivery.

In any case where someone has a special need for a shipment, e-mail us at sales[at] or call 903-453-0802 and we’ll do all we can to help you out.


We ordered two srxs on last week wednesday night, and chose overnight shipping. (Because, our school is officially closed this week due to mardi gras break, so all packages that are supposed to be delivered to the school are being held by the shipping service till next week.) So the shipping initially told us that it would be delivered by 10:30 am friday morning (last week). But then friday morning, I got a notification saying that it was delayed and will be rescheduled. This morning i got another notification and that it was finally being shipped, and that it will be here tomorrow. Unfortunately it was ordered to the school address, so we won’t receive it until school starts NEXT week

Contacting VEX directly will be much more effective than posting your rants here.

All of our vendors (VEX, AM, WCP) have the best customer service and will help you get your problem resolved if it is solvable.

I already did on Friday night, no response as of yet, but hopeful. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a mixture of your fault and UPS’s Fault. Not Vex’s fault.
If you ordered Wednesday Night how could you expect to have it processed that night. It will get processed Thursday. Vex then correctly processed the package and it was shipped but due to a delay out of Vex’s hands it didn’t come “Overnight” AKA Friday. They already stated that they do not deliver on weekends so now you are done. It was not smart of you not to include the possibility of delays into your ordering. I mean how hard would it have been to order Wednesday Morning or Afternoon. Or, even better why did you not ship it to someones house?

You cant blame VEX for error made by the postal service/yourself. VEX has been amazing making sure we get our packages on time and we choose the standard delivery option. It says 4 days and usually it comes sooner despite the fact that they are across the country. Also please watch your language especially when talking to a company who gives back to the community a ton.

I would like to clarify that my comment was not a rant. I had already contacted Customer service, had a response and decided to post as a warning to others to watch out for given we are late in the build season.

My issue was my lack of reading the multiple notes on the shipping tab of the ordering page or I would have called the next day to try and arrange a Saturday delivery.

Sorry, should have been clear that I was referencing Dirtbikerxz’s post, not yours.

That was my assumption Rick, but wanted to clarify for others as well. Thanks!

Sorry, shouldn’t have used that language, just a little bit frustrated that we won’t have the srxs this week to use them. And yes, I totally agree with you that I should have ordered them a little bit earlier, completely my fault. But you have to understand, the only reason that the over night shipping option exists IS for emergencies. So how can you possibly consider in delays, when you are in a crunch/emergency.

And yes I did know that vex wouldn’t process the shipment wednesday night, I was always expecting it to come on Friday. (and when vex did process the shipment, initially the tracking number they gave me said eta: friday morning).

And we were not allowed to order it to a house due to internal issues with the school and management etc.

And vex, let me make it clear… I flipping love you guys, I’m not putting you down or etc. My apologies on using that language.

I see where your coming from.

Just know that especially mid winter companies like UPS are working hard to fight delays. Being both vex and yourself are in the south snow is not an issue but it is a huge issue in the north. Packages coming from these areas will cause delays.