VEX Sonar question

Hello everyone
I Have worked with some code know to get the Vex ultrasonic range finder and I found in my tests that the sonar worked in giving an approximate distance that was to be expected.
The only thing that seems to be the problem is that the sensor will give me a distance of up to 70 inches. does anyone know if this is just because it costs $20 and is only good up-to that point?
//We lost all the documentation

I don’t know too much about the distance limits but the documentation can be found on the IFI VEX website. The page for the range finder (which has a link to the documentation pdf) can be found here. Hope this helps.

The sensor might be capable of the full range (according to IFI 115 inches), but may just have not worked as well with what you were trying to sense. I seriously doubt that the 115 inch range is typical unless you are pointing at a wall perfectly perpendicular to the sensor.