VEX Starters Set HALF OFF!!!! $150!

I just bought mine today when I heard about this deal. All VEX starters set/parts are running for halfoff. Yes thats right VEX starters set is $150!!!

Buy it now before the offer ends! :smiley:

I got mine, it rules!!

I believe there is already a thread addressing this. Mods, close this please?

Umm, well, he is bringing up the point that they just now went on sale yet again after not being on sale for quite a while. I probably wouldn’t have seen the news if he had posted in the other thread. I say leave it open.

Anyway, that is awesome news. Too bad I have no money to get one.

Ohh dude, sorry i am bad with searching. I just got one today, wanted to spread the news about the sale.