VEX team websites

Hey… How many teams out there have websites or some way of outreaching/sharing with others their efforts over the summer or during the regular season? I know for FRC, teams have a motivator to have a website and update it because of the website award, but I think VRC teams should have websites as well. My team has expanded our FRC website to accommodate for VEX and we are updating the website after every meeting. You can check out our ideas and prototypes here

We would also like feedback about our site in general, because we want to at least get the excellence award this year. the link to the whole website is:

I hope to see some of your ideas!

… And – should VRC include a Website design challenge as one of the Design Awards for 2009-2010? What do you think?

(The correct answer is “yes” by the way :slight_smile: )

We’re currently (slowly) installing our vex team material on, and although most of the internal pages are complete, information for the general public is somewhat lacking. Eventually we’ll create some team/robot pages and move the site to a permanent address (we’re running it off a team member’s computer for now).

And yes, VRC needs to have a website award - it would boost the competition’s (and the VEX system’s) publicity dramatically.

Downingtown Area Robotics is a combo of Vex and FRC teams, we are about 2/3 of the way in creating the site. You can take a look at:

We’ve opted for a wiki to allow the team members to add changes.

Foothill High School has one at (It’s still undergoing some work though)