VEX to be featured on Digital Life TV tonite!

Tonight on Digital Life TV (a live Internet TV show), Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine will be talking about VEX! I have no idea specifically what he’ll be talking about, the show notes describe it as “Lance Ulanoff on robots: VEX, DARPA and the Grand Challenge.”

Digital Life TV is one of the Internet TV shows I watch, and they usually feature interesting stories about different aspects of tech. I’d recommend checking it out even if you’re not interested in VEX at all (but if you are, I doubly recommend it).

You can all tune in to the webcast linked to from that page at 9pm EST to check out the show, or download the video of it later. Sweet!

Wow… that’s a lot of SQL errors on that site… holy cow… I wish the link worked though, it sounds like an interesting watch.

edit: it seems to be working now… Gotta remember to watch it now.