Vex Transmitter Disassembled

Okay, so I’ve disassembled my extra transmitter in under 30 minutes. What I’ve found are a lot of wires, several boards, and buttons. All packaged neatly in one transmitter. However, upon disassembling it I now have a mess of not-so-random electrical parts on my desk. I can definitely understand how they sell these for $100. Good thing I’ve got Ebay. :cool:

I used four basic tools: three sizes of phillips head screwdriver and some snips.

You’ll need to snip the wire that goes to the power plug-in and some glued clips. Also, when removing the trim buttons, you’ll need to snip away a chunk of the outer casing, a dremel might work for this but I don’t recommend it.

*WARNING: Disassembling the transmitter voids the warranty.

Here are the picture links… there’s a lot of steps in between the photos.

As you can see in the last photo, there is the cut away part I referred to. It was kind of a hassle to cut it out but it needed to be done. I also hope that that large board that was over the processor(?) was just a protective piece, I had to cut it off to get to the very last screw hidden underneath, otherwise I can probably re-solder it back on.

Again, don’t do this without prior knowledge of what you’re doing. Tomorrow I’m gong to mount this onto some plexiglass and a project casing. I’ll customize the buttons/joysticks later.

did you see the new issue of Servo magazine? what a coincidence!

No, I didn’t. I’ve never read Servo. Maybe I should pick it up. Where would I get it? What’s the coincidence? Did they take one apart, too?

I think those links are bad. I can’t open them using Firefox2 or IE7.

They should be fixed now. What I had done was used the HTML tags from Photobucked instead of the URL link. :stuck_out_tongue: