Vex Transmitter sale.

I found that All electronics is selling the Vex transmitter and reciever add on kit at a greatly discounted price.
Vex equipment selling as surplus concerns me with the direction Vexlabs is takeing Vex. There has been no further development or new products for Vex for some time.

Hmmm, I don’t know if this will ease you fears or stoke them, but. There is a glut of Transmitter/Receiver kits in the world. On eBay they are even cheaper.

On eBay Crystal Kit A is around $10 (Kit B is not making an appearance

There are quite a few starter kits being offered on eBay also ($150 to $180).

I think that this is just the hangover from Radio Shack’s liquidation sales, not a harbninger of radical redesign of the product line.


Perhaps you missed this …

…and if you dig around a little further you’ll find Vex used here:

Also know the FIRST Vex Challenge has grown and is headed for bigger and better things through 2007 and beyond, not to mention IFI has added to its own staff in the last 12 months in ways that specifically support the Vex platform and its further development.