VEX UltraSonic rangefinder

we want to use a ultrasonic range finder from the vex kit of parts but ithas 6 pins instead of 5 as shown in the “Robot Programming with the WPI Robotics Library”
how do we connect it?
here`s an image

I haven’t done this on the FRC controller (so YMMV) but on a different controller I have used both. The wiring for vex was

both red wires to +5
both black wires to Gnd
Yellow is same as srf04 TPI
orange is same as srf04 EPO

haven’t worked with those in awhile, but both red and black are +5V and GND.

now the yellow/orange are input and output. Not sure which, so you will have to look on the red plastic case you took off. One is a signal in, and one is a signal out.

This threadexplains how the Vex sensor works. I am unaware if WPIlib supports this type of rangefinder.