Vex upgrades

As a second year team we are trying to make the new AM14U work a little better for us. We are thinking about going with the 2 stage vexpro ball shifter and using the 4” vex traction wheels. We are wondering if we would be able to drop that into the kit and use it with no modifications. Is this possible?

With a bit of modification it fits. But because the kit is made by AndyMark, there are lots of upgrades available.

However, I don’t see our team using the kit chassis unless we modify it to be wider than the ball AND longer than the ball which it is not in either normal configuration.

Looking at CAD models, it appears that Vex Shifters (2 CIM or 3 CIM) with the 3rd stage can be mounted to the AM14U by drilling mounting holes.

Hi Doug,

There will be Documents/CAD files coming out that will show how to integrate the VEXpro Ball Lock (3 CIM) and WCP Gearboxes into the AM14U.

All you have to do is push in a bearing into one of the VEXpro Ball Shifter 3rd stage/WCD plate. Push it up to the AM14U Inside Plate and match drill 4 holes. It should only take a few minutes to make this modification.

Attached some pics of the configuration. We will get this out in the next couple of days.

Let me know if you need any other information. We will have all the details out in the next couple of days.

Hi R.C.!

We are planning on using the Ball Shifter, but w/o the Vex 3rd stage. We want to keep the same total reduction we used last season, but also have the ability to change it quickly if needed. Our plan, at this point, is to keep the drive geometry exactly as it is designed. We will place a live axle through the center wheel and extend it inside the inner frame rail. We will then mount a drive sprocket on it. The Ball shifter will then mount so the output shaft is parallel to the center drive axle. The output sprocket will then be chained to the drive sprocket on the center shaft.
By swapping out the sprocket on the center shaft we will be able to change the overall reduction quickly.
If we need to CAD up an interface for mounting the Ball Shifter, we will post it once we have it dialed in.