Vex versa planetary gear ratios

Hey guys, we are planning to use versa planetary gear boxes for are intake. what do you think we should use?

One of the many “rules” that seems to stick is to have the linear speed of your intake (the speed at the surface of the wheel) be twice the maximum speed of your drive train, so you can drive away from a game piece while still intaking it. Use the JVN design calculator to figure out what ratios you need for your motor and wheel of choice. Depending on how your mechanism works, I’d recommend staying away from air cooled motors, like the 550 and 775 series, as they really don’t like being stalled at full power (~1s to release magic smoke).

The magic of the VP is that it’s incredibly easy to adjust the ratios after installation if you’re burning up motors, or you feel the mechanism is too sluggish

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