Vex VersaHub Hex Alignment

Are we doing this right?

Our team decided 2 hex hubs would be preferred for extra strength/integrity, however, the alignment on 6 of the 16 hubs we ordered do not line up with the hex shaft. We will be contacting Vexpro on Monday to see if we can correct the problem.
I do want to say that everything else we have received from VexPro has been fantastic and I highly recommend their products.

I believe that the VexPro hex hubs are intended to only be used on one side of a wheel, with the other side supported with a hex bearing.

Check out this thread for more details:

Hey Garrett! I believe Paul updated in the other thread that the original intent was for hubs to be aligned, but constraints limited the ability to do this, or some reason of that nature. He said that the other side of the wheels should be supported with a hex bearing.

I can find the post in a bit.

You simply do not need the extra strength. Just use a bearing on the other side to pilot the shaft.

Thanks guys.
Good to know that there is a (cheap) solution to this problem.

Has anyone done testing on the versa wheels/hub for a single hub attachment with no end support?

With wheels that can get a knocks and bumps. It better to have all the support you can reasonably get. Especially since you can drop a bearing in the side opposite the hex bore.

When using the suggested hub-bearing combination for mounting onto a cantilevered drive base like a West Coast Drive, is it ideal to have the hub facing into or away from the robot frame?

We’re facing ours away since you put the wheel on bearing side first, then rotate it to line up with the hex hub versus the other way around. Assembly order seems a bit easier like this.

I hadn’t considered that. Thanks!