Vex walking robot

I have a crazy idea of designing a vex walking robot and maybe build it but I was just wondering before I started if anyone has done it before and if there is any hints or tips that someone can provide

This is going to be a biped meaning two legs

well thanks


Check over on the

Take a look at some Mindstorm Lego designs - I remember some basic bipedal robots there.

you could probably duplicate this in vex

It just uses a servo and some interesting linkage.

Although it may not be quite as “bipedal” as you want…

It’s not too difficult, You just have to take the time to think out all of the motions that you need. A simple biped, like the one that squirrel posted, only needs two different movements: One to shift the weight from one leg to the other, and one to move the legs forward/backward. If you design your bot right, you should only need two motors/servos.

I made a pretty crummy one a while a go, but it works. One motor to move the legs forward and backward, and one servo on each leg for an ankle.

Good luck with yours

If you want a realy good “walking” robot, check out team 71 Beaty’s 2002-2003 world champion robot. I was originally going to do this for this year’s competition, but I ran out of motors…

ya its been done.
heres a webpage with 6 videos of a walking vexbot doing stuff.

look at lynxmotions biped brats or parallax’s penguins, these probably could be built with vex

Jared, thanks for the links, those are very cool. I want to try to build walkign bot at some point. Maybe at the end of the year our class can have a competition with just robots with no wheels - that would be a sweet challenge.

I know this may seem sad…but i can’t seem to find any pictures of Beaty’s bot. lol.

can someone post a link or two?

and your welcome robot steve =)

From the Google images game thread:

The “walking” part is at the top of the robot in this picture. (The robot fell to its front during the match and “walked” after landing.)